A One-Sided Game: Dutch Fork Dominates Lamar in High School Girls Basketball

A controversial match at the She Got Next tournament leaves Dutch Fork with a resounding victory and questions about fairness.

In a high school girls’ basketball game that quickly turned into a lopsided affair, Dutch Fork High School emerged victorious with a final score of 95-0 against Lamar. The game, which took place at the She Got Next tournament organized by A1 Hoops Basketball, has sparked controversy and raised concerns about fairness and sportsmanship. Dutch Fork’s head coach, Candace Bush, shares her perspective on the game and the circumstances leading up to it.

Unanswered Requests for Bracket Change

Before the game, Coach Candace Bush recognized that Lamar was a smaller school and requested that her team be placed in a different bracket. She hoped to avoid such a significant mismatch in skill level. However, despite her efforts, Bush never received a response from tournament officials. As a result, the game proceeded as scheduled at White Knoll High School in Lexington, South Carolina, leading to the overwhelming victory for Dutch Fork.

An Unbalanced Contest

From the outset, it was clear that the game was heavily one-sided. Coach Bush described the situation as “out of control from the beginning.” Dutch Fork’s superior skill and size advantage allowed them to dominate the court. Despite attempts by Dutch Fork to switch to a zone defense in the second quarter to slow down the scoring, Lamar’s players continued to press their opponents, leading to an even wider gap in the score.

Sportsmanship and Ethical Concerns

While the scoreboard displayed an astonishing scoreline, Coach Bush emphasized that her team was not at fault for the outcome. She revealed that Lamar’s players attempted only a handful of shots throughout the game and even handed the ball to Dutch Fork’s players on occasion. The lack of response from Lamar’s coach, Randolph Scott, raises questions about the ethical implications of allowing such a mismatched contest to take place.

The Impact on Players

The overwhelming victory had a profound impact on both teams. For Dutch Fork, the players were torn between the desire to achieve a century mark on the scoreboard and the realization that such a feat would be unsportsmanlike. Coach Bush instructed her team to hold the ball at the top, preventing them from scoring further and maintaining a level of respect for their opponents. On the other hand, Lamar’s players were left disheartened and demoralized, facing an insurmountable challenge that overshadowed the spirit of competition.

Organizational Responsibility

The She Got Next tournament, organized by A1 Hoops Basketball, has faced criticism for its failure to address Coach Bush’s request for a bracket change. Ayonna Thompson-Bowen, the Director of A1 Hoops, has not yet commented on the matter. The lack of communication and consideration for the potential mismatch highlights the need for tournament organizers to prioritize fairness and ensure a level playing field for all participating teams.


The Dutch Fork vs. Lamar girls’ basketball game serves as a stark reminder of the importance of fairness and sportsmanship in high school sports. While Dutch Fork emerged victorious with a staggering 95-0 score, questions linger about the responsibility of tournament organizers and the ethical implications of allowing such imbalanced matchups. This incident should prompt a reevaluation of tournament protocols to prevent future mismatches and protect the integrity of the game. Ultimately, it is essential to prioritize the well-being and development of student-athletes, fostering an environment that promotes healthy competition and respect for all participants.






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