A Tall Order: The Louisiana State Capitol

A new documentary reveals the hidden stories and artistry behind Louisiana’s iconic State Capitol building

Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) has unveiled a groundbreaking documentary that offers viewers a never-before-seen perspective of the Louisiana State Capitol building. takes audiences on a journey through the history and artistry of this towering symbol of Louisiana’s rich heritage. From the ambitious vision of Governor Huey P. Long to the intricate sculptures and reliefs that adorn the building, this documentary sheds light on the hidden stories and artistic marvels that make the Louisiana State Capitol truly unique.

Unveiling the Hidden Beauty

delves into the story of Huey P. Long’s determination to construct the tallest capitol building in the United States. Through inspiring blueprints and meticulous craftsmanship, the documentary showcases the grandeur of the memorial hall and the breathtaking friezes that soar high above Baton Rouge and the Mississippi River. By exploring the art and the stories behind it, this documentary offers viewers a fresh perspective on a building that has become an integral part of Louisiana’s skyline.

Revealing the Artistic Legacy:

The documentary highlights Governor Long’s vision of using art to tell the story of Louisiana. Senior Producer Dorothy Kendrick explains, “Governor Long wanted the capitol building to tell the history of Louisiana through its art. In essence, he got exactly that.” While thousands of visitors tour the capitol each month, only a fraction of them truly appreciate the intricate details and artistry that can be found throughout the building. takes viewers on a journey from the ground floor to the dizzying heights of the 450-foot-tall building, revealing the hidden beauty that is often overlooked.

A Fresh Perspective for Louisianians:

Director of Programming Jason Viso believes that this documentary will offer a new appreciation for the Louisiana State Capitol to both locals and tourists alike. “The capitol towers over the city. Thousands of people drive past it every day, and often just take in the beauty from afar. We hope this documentary will offer those who thought they knew it and those who yet don’t, a fresh perspective of this historic landmark, and how it came to be.” By shedding light on the history and artistry behind the building, invites viewers to see this iconic structure in a whole new light.

Premiere and Encore:

LPB will premiere on Monday, December 4 at 7:00 PM. For those who miss the initial broadcast, an encore presentation will air on Thursday, December 7 at 8:00 PM. Viewers can also stream the program live on LPB’s website or through the LPB App. On-demand streaming will be available on the night of the premiere at www.lpb.org/tallorder and on the LPB YouTube channel. A trailer and additional information can be found at www.lpb.org/tallorder.


is a captivating documentary that unveils the hidden stories and artistry behind one of Louisiana’s most iconic landmarks. By showcasing the vision of Governor Huey P. Long and the intricate craftsmanship of the artists involved, this documentary offers viewers a fresh perspective on the Louisiana State Capitol. Whether you have driven past it countless times or have never seen it up close, this documentary invites you to discover the hidden beauty and rich history of this towering symbol of Louisiana’s heritage.






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