Patricio O’Ward Impresses in McLaren F1 Test, Eyes Future Seat

The young Mexican driver showcases his talent in McLaren’s F1 machinery during the Abu Dhabi post-season test, positioning himself as a strong contender for a future Formula 1 seat.

Patricio O’Ward, the rising star of the motorsport world, has made quite an impression during his recent appearance in McLaren’s F1 machinery. Finishing second in Abu Dhabi’s post-season test, O’Ward completed an impressive 103 laps in the 2023 MCL60, coming within just 0.269s of Alpine’s Esteban Ocon. This test comes on the heels of O’Ward being announced as one of McLaren’s reserve drivers for the 2024 season, following his previous private tests and FP1 sessions in the 2021 MCL35. While O’Ward’s ultimate goal remains winning the Indy 500 for McLaren, his recent performance has undoubtedly brought him closer to securing a coveted Formula 1 seat.

A Stepping Stone Towards a Dream Seat

O’Ward’s Abu Dhabi test marks another significant step in his journey towards a Formula 1 seat. At the age of 24, the Mexican driver has already garnered attention for his exceptional talent and determination. Speaking about his experience, O’Ward expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he has been given, stating that each test and FP1 session is another chance to prove himself. While his focus for now remains on his 2024 IndyCar campaign, O’Ward is eager to contribute to McLaren’s success in Formula 1 from September’s Singapore Grand Prix onwards.

Learning and Progression in the F1 Machinery

During the Abu Dhabi test, O’Ward showcased his ability to continuously improve and adapt to the F1 machinery. He was particularly pleased with his progress throughout the day, mentioning how he continued to find gains until his final soft-tyre runs. O’Ward emphasized the importance of learning and pushing himself to the limit, stating that his goal is to extract every ounce of performance from the car. With over 100 laps completed, O’Ward’s physical fitness was put to the test, and he proudly shared how his dedication to training, especially his neck muscles, has prepared him for the demands of Formula 1.

A Path to Becoming a Better Driver

While O’Ward’s main focus is on his IndyCar career, he believes that his involvement in Formula 1 will only make him a better driver, regardless of the outcome. The young driver acknowledges that to become a champion, one must embrace uncomfortable challenges and constantly seek improvement. O’Ward remains confident in his abilities and sees the opportunity to compete in Formula 1 as a chance to further refine his skills. Whether or not he secures a Formula 1 seat in the future, O’Ward is determined to continue pushing himself to new heights and believes that the experience gained in Formula 1 will benefit him in all aspects of his racing career.


Patricio O’Ward’s impressive performance in McLaren’s F1 machinery during the Abu Dhabi test has solidified his status as a rising star in the motorsport world. As he continues to excel in his IndyCar career, O’Ward’s dream of securing a Formula 1 seat draws closer. His determination, talent, and willingness to embrace challenges make him a formidable contender for a future Formula 1 drive. Regardless of the outcome, O’Ward’s involvement in Formula 1 will undoubtedly contribute to his growth as a driver and further establish his reputation as one of the most promising talents in the world of motorsport.






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