Huawei Forms Joint Company with Changan Auto to Advance Smart Car Technology

Chinese tech giant Huawei partners with automaker Changan Auto to establish a new joint company focused on smart car technology and solutions.

China’s Huawei has announced its plans to transfer core technologies and resources from its smart car unit to a new joint company in collaboration with automaker Changan Auto. This move comes as Huawei aims to further develop and expand its presence in the smart car industry, leveraging its expertise in technology and innovation. The joint company will focus on research and development, production, sales, and service of intelligent automotive systems and component solutions. This partnership highlights Huawei’s commitment to supporting the electrification and intelligent transformation of the auto industry.

Strengthening Innovation and Leadership in Smart Car Technology

Huawei’s new joint company with Changan Auto aims to promote innovation and establish a leadership position in smart car technology. By combining their respective strengths, the two companies seek to drive the prosperity and development of the automotive industry in China. The equity ratio and capital contribution for the joint company will be determined through negotiations between Huawei and Changan Auto. This collaboration underscores the growing importance of smart car technology and the need for strategic partnerships to stay competitive in the evolving automotive landscape.

Huawei’s Role in the Smart Car Industry

While Huawei does not manufacture cars independently, the tech giant has been actively involved in supporting automakers to enhance their vehicles. The company’s partnership with Changan Auto and other firms, such as Seres Group, has resulted in the production of Aito branded cars, including the popular M7 model. Additionally, Huawei has collaborated with Chinese automaker Chery to develop the Luxeed brand, positioning it as a competitor to Tesla’s Model S. These partnerships demonstrate Huawei’s commitment to leveraging its technological expertise to enable automakers to create better and more advanced vehicles.

The Growing Demand for Huawei’s Smart Cars

Huawei’s foray into the smart car industry has been met with significant demand. The revamped M7 model, which incorporates Huawei’s technology, received over 50,000 orders within the first 25 days of its release. This impressive response positions Aito as one of China’s top-selling new energy vehicle manufacturers, based on August data. The success of Huawei’s smart cars highlights the increasing consumer interest in electric and intelligent vehicles, providing opportunities for further growth and innovation in the industry.

Embracing the Future of Smart Car Technology

At a signing ceremony in Shenzhen, Huawei’s managing director and chairman of the smart car solutions unit, Yu Chengdong, expressed the company’s commitment to collaborating with more auto firms to seize the opportunities presented by the electrification and intelligent transformation of the auto industry. This statement underscores Huawei’s dedication to driving the advancement of smart car technology and its ambition to establish itself as a leader in the field. By partnering with established automakers like Changan Auto, Huawei can leverage their expertise and resources to accelerate the development and adoption of intelligent automotive systems.


Huawei’s partnership with Changan Auto marks a significant step towards advancing smart car technology in China. By establishing a new joint company, the two companies aim to drive innovation, research, and development in the automotive industry. Huawei’s expertise in technology, combined with Changan Auto’s automotive manufacturing prowess, positions the joint company for success in the rapidly evolving smart car market. As consumer demand for electric and intelligent vehicles continues to rise, Huawei’s commitment to supporting automakers and enhancing their vehicles will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the automotive industry.






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