Cyber Monday Offers Unbeatable Deals on PS5 SSDs for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Upgrade Your PS5 Storage Capacity and Future-Proof Your Console with Discounted Internal SSDs

As the year comes to a close, gamers are eagerly looking forward to Cyber Monday deals to enhance their PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming experience. With the release of several highly anticipated PS5 games in 2023, the limited storage capacity of the console’s built-in 1TB SSD has become a concern for many. However, this Cyber Monday presents an opportunity to address this issue by taking advantage of discounted internal PS5 SSDs. Various models and sizes are available at reduced prices, making this the ideal time to upgrade and future-proof your console.

Best PS5 SSD Cyber Monday Deals:

If you find yourself constantly deleting games to make space for new purchases, the discounted PS5 SSDs on offer this Cyber Monday will provide a much-needed storage boost. It’s worth noting that the original PS5 only offers approximately 667GB of usable space, while the new PS5 Slim, available for $500 with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, provides around 842GB. Regardless, increasing your storage capacity is a wise move.

1. 1TB Crucial T500 SSD: One of the most affordable options, priced at just $65 (originally $76), the 1TB Crucial T500 SSD is an excellent choice. With its built-in heatsink and impressive performance capabilities of up to 7300MB/s, this SSD offers both affordability and efficiency.

2. 2TB Nextorage Japan SSD with Heatsink: For those in need of more storage, the 2TB Nextorage Japan SSD with Heatsink is a compelling option. As a subsidiary of Sony, you can trust the compatibility of their products with the PS5. With 2TB of storage, you can comfortably store all your games for the foreseeable future, unless you’re an avid collector.

3. 2TB 980 Pro with Heatsink: Another noteworthy deal is the 2TB 980 Pro with Heatsink, available for $120. This SSD offers impressive performance and reliability, ensuring smooth gameplay and faster loading times.

4. 2TB Samsung 990 Pro with Heatsink: For those seeking the latest and fastest SSD, the 2TB Samsung 990 Pro with Heatsink is a fantastic option. Priced at $140, this SSD provides exceptional speed and efficiency, further enhancing your gaming experience.


Cyber Monday offers an excellent opportunity for PS5 owners to expand their storage capacity and future-proof their consoles. With discounted internal SSDs available in various models and sizes, gamers can overcome the limitations of the built-in 1TB SSD and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Whether you opt for the affordable 1TB Crucial T500 or the high-performance 2TB Samsung 990 Pro, these SSDs will significantly enhance your PS5 gaming experience. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals and ensure that you have ample space to store all your favorite games for years to come.






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