Canadian Government Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of Employees and Military Personnel

Two third-party service providers implicated in the cyberattack

The Canadian government has recently announced a significant data breach that has exposed the personal information of its employees, as well as military and police personnel. The breach occurred at two third-party service providers, Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) and Sirva Canada, who were contracted by the government to provide relocation support. The government has launched an investigation into the incident and has notified relevant authorities.

Scope of the Data Breach

The Canadian government has stated that the data breach potentially impacts the personal information of both current and former public service employees, as well as members of the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The breached information may include personal and financial details that employees provided to the relocation services firms. The government has not yet determined the exact number of individuals affected by the breach.

Response and Support for Affected Individuals

Upon discovering the data breach, the Canadian government immediately initiated an investigation and informed the Centre for Cyber Security, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. While the investigation is ongoing, the government is offering potentially impacted individuals credit monitoring services and the option to have their passports reissued if they may have been compromised.

Individuals who have used the services of BGRS or Sirva Canada for relocation in the past 24 years have been advised to change their login credentials, enable multi-factor authentication, and monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity. The government is actively working to provide further updates and support to affected employees.

Cyberattack Details and Perpetrators

The Canadian government has not disclosed specific details regarding the cyberattack. However, the LockBit ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the breach and has published data allegedly stolen from Sirva Canada on its leak site. The cybercrime group has released over 1.5 terabytes of data after failed negotiations with Sirva.


The Canadian government is grappling with the aftermath of a significant data breach that has exposed the personal information of its employees and military personnel. The breach, which occurred at two third-party service providers, highlights the ongoing threat of cyberattacks and the need for robust cybersecurity measures. As the investigation continues, affected individuals are being offered support and guidance to mitigate any potential harm. The government’s response to this breach will serve as a crucial test of its commitment to protecting the personal information of its citizens and ensuring the security of its systems.






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