Billtrust Unveils Enhanced AR Visibility and Unified User Experience

New Release Delivers Improved Insights and a More Holistic View of AR Processes

Billtrust, a leader in B2B order-to-cash and digital payments, has announced a new, user-friendly interface for its AI-powered accounts receivable (AR) software platform. This release aims to optimize cash flow, improve staff productivity, and provide a more unified order-to-cash operation. With a focus on leveraging data for better analytics, maximizing customer satisfaction, and allowing teams to focus on high-value projects, Billtrust aims to enhance the finance teams’ ability to make faster, more intelligent, and cost-effective decisions.

Enhanced Insights and a Unified User Experience:

The new platform offers a panoramic perspective of the entire order-to-cash process, providing valuable insights across the entire enterprise. By leveraging data, finance teams can gain a comprehensive view of their entire business, enabling them to make more informed decisions. The AI-powered platform also allows customers to accept multiple payment methods through any available channel, providing flexibility and control over invoice and payment demands. This convenience enhances customer satisfaction while giving finance teams greater control over their AR processes.

Days to Pay Index:

As part of its new release, Billtrust introduces the Days to Pay Index, a proprietary benchmark measurement. This feature provides customers with insights into their payment collection efficiency, allowing them to compare their performance against peers within the Billtrust customer base. The Days to Pay Index is updated nightly, ensuring precision and timeliness. All data used is anonymized to protect privacy while offering valuable performance metrics. This exclusive feature comes at no additional cost, emphasizing Billtrust’s commitment to adding value for its customers.

Moving Finance Forward:

Billtrust’s new brand promise, “Moving Finance Forward,” encapsulates the company’s commitment to re-engineering the order-to-cash process. The brand campaign aims to simplify and elevate the customer experience while helping companies achieve their financial objectives faster. Through the new campaign, Billtrust aims to empower finance teams to propel growth, guide businesses, and inspire success. The company’s website now features interactive web browsing capabilities, allowing customers to access real-time information easily. Additionally, a new e-book, “Moving Finance Forward with Unified Order-to-Cash,” is available to help finance teams leverage advanced analytics, AI, and automation across their AR processes.


Billtrust’s latest release brings enhanced AR visibility, a unified user experience, and valuable insights to finance teams. By leveraging data and providing a panoramic view of the order-to-cash process, Billtrust empowers finance teams to make informed decisions and optimize cash flow. The of the Days to Pay Index offers customers unparalleled insights into their payment collection efficiency, further improving cash flow management. With its “Moving Finance Forward” brand promise, Billtrust aims to simplify and elevate the customer experience, enabling finance teams to drive growth and guide their businesses towards success.






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