Winter Weather Advisory: Snowfall Expected in New Mexico

Residents urged to exercise caution as snowfall continues

New Mexico is bracing itself for another bout of winter weather as a Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect until 1 PM MST this afternoon. The advisory warns of snowfall across several regions of the state, with additional accumulations of up to two inches in most areas. However, lighter amounts are expected in the Chuska Mountains, while the Sandia and Manzano Mountains could see up to three inches of snow. As a result, residents are being urged to exercise caution while traveling, as road conditions are likely to be snow-packed and icy.

1: Widespread Impact on Road Conditions

The snowfall is expected to have a significant impact on road conditions throughout central, east central, north central, northeast, northwest, and west central New Mexico. The advisory specifically highlights portions of Interstate 40 as being at risk for snow-packed and icy conditions. This poses a potential hazard for motorists, who are advised to slow down and exercise caution while traveling.

Local authorities are working diligently to mitigate the impact of the snowfall on roadways. Snowplows have been deployed to clear major thoroughfares, and road crews are actively monitoring and treating icy patches. However, with the continued snowfall, it is crucial for drivers to remain vigilant and adapt their driving habits to the prevailing conditions.

2: Precautionary Measures for Residents

In light of the Winter Weather Advisory, residents are being urged to take precautionary measures to ensure their safety. It is recommended to limit unnecessary travel and stay updated on the latest road conditions. The New Mexico Department of Transportation provides a hotline, 511, and a website,, where residents can access real-time information on road conditions and closures.

Additionally, residents are advised to prepare their homes and vehicles for the winter weather. This includes ensuring proper insulation, stocking up on emergency supplies such as food and water, and having a winter survival kit in their vehicles. By taking these proactive steps, individuals can minimize the impact of the snowfall on their daily lives and protect themselves from potential hazards.

3: Impact on Daily Life

The winter weather advisory is not only affecting road conditions, but also has the potential to disrupt daily life in affected areas. Schools and businesses may choose to close or operate on a delayed schedule to ensure the safety of students and employees. Residents are advised to stay tuned to local news and official announcements for any changes in schedules or closures.

The snowfall, however, also presents an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts. Ski resorts in the Sandia and Manzano Mountains are expecting an increase in visitors, as skiers and snowboarders take advantage of the fresh powder. Local businesses that cater to winter sports activities are also anticipating a boost in revenue, as tourists and locals seek out winter adventures.


As New Mexico experiences another round of winter weather, residents are reminded to prioritize their safety and exercise caution while traveling. The Winter Weather Advisory, with its warnings of snow-packed and icy road conditions, serves as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and vigilance during inclement weather. By staying informed, taking precautionary measures, and adapting to the prevailing conditions, residents can navigate this winter weather event with minimal disruption and ensure their well-being.






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