Voters Prioritize Protecting Democracy and Abortion as Key Single-Issue Voting Factors: NBC News Poll

A recent national poll conducted by NBC News reveals that protecting democracy and constitutional rights, as well as abortion, are the top issues for voters who may base their decision on a single issue.

In a political landscape where voters are faced with a myriad of issues, some individuals prioritize specific matters that they believe are crucial to the future of their country. According to a recent NBC News poll, protecting democracy and constitutional rights, along with abortion, emerge as the most important single-issue voting factors. This article delves into the findings of the poll, shedding light on the significance of these issues and exploring the perspectives of different voter groups.

Single-Issue Priorities:

The NBC News poll asked registered voters if there was one issue so important that it would determine their vote for or against a candidate. The results revealed that 19% of respondents identified protecting democracy or constitutional rights as their top priority. This reflects a growing concern among voters about the erosion of democratic norms and the need to safeguard the principles upon which their nation was built.

Following closely behind, 18% of voters stated that abortion was their single-most important issue. This underscores the ongoing debate surrounding reproductive rights and the impact it has on voters’ decision-making process.

Immigration and border security ranked third on the list, with 14% of respondents citing it as their primary concern. This reflects the continued national discourse on immigration policies and border control, which has been a contentious issue in recent years.

The poll also revealed that 9% of voters considered guns as their key single-issue factor. This highlights the enduring debate over gun control measures and the influence it holds in shaping voters’ choices.

Other issues mentioned in the survey include the Israel-Hamas war (5%) and LGBTQ issues (4%). However, it is worth noting that one in five voters stated that none of the listed issues would be decisive in determining their vote.

Diverging Perspectives:

When analyzing the results based on political affiliation, interesting patterns emerge. Among Democrats, 23% identified protecting democracy or constitutional rights as the determining factor in their vote, compared to 16% of Republicans. This discrepancy suggests that Democrats may be more concerned about preserving democratic institutions and upholding constitutional principles.

On the other hand, a higher proportion of Republicans (25%) indicated that their vote would depend on a candidate’s stance on immigration or border security. This aligns with the Republican Party’s emphasis on stricter immigration policies.

Regarding abortion, 24% of Democrats stated that it could influence their vote, compared to 14% of Republicans. This finding highlights the contrasting views on reproductive rights between the two major parties.

The survey also revealed that women voters placed a significant emphasis on abortion, with 22% identifying it as their top issue. This further underscores the importance of reproductive rights in shaping women’s political preferences.


The NBC News poll provides valuable insights into the single-issue priorities of voters and sheds light on the issues that resonate most strongly with different segments of the population. Protecting democracy and constitutional rights, as well as abortion, emerge as the top issues for voters who may base their decision on a single factor. These findings highlight the significance of these issues in shaping the political landscape and the diverse perspectives that exist among voters. As the political landscape continues to evolve, understanding the priorities of voters is crucial for candidates seeking to secure their support.






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