Vikings Mailbag: Roster Development, Defensive Philosophy, and Quarterback Strategy

Ben Goessling, Andrew Krammer, and Michael Rand answer your burning questions about the Minnesota Vikings

In this edition of the Vikings Mailbag, we dive into the latest developments surrounding the Minnesota Vikings’ roster, defensive philosophy, and quarterback strategy. Fans have been eagerly awaiting answers to their burning questions, and our experts Ben Goessling, Andrew Krammer, and Michael Rand are here to provide insights and analysis. Let’s delve into the mailbag and uncover the answers to some of the most pressing inquiries.

1: Roster Development and Needs

One of the key concerns for Vikings fans is the team’s roster development and areas of need. With the offseason in full swing, fans are curious about the team’s plans for improving the squad. Our experts weigh in on the Vikings’ priorities and potential targets in free agency and the draft. They provide valuable insights into the team’s strategy and shed light on the areas that require immediate attention.

2: Brian Flores’ Defensive Philosophy

After the Minnesota Vikings hired Brian Flores as their new defensive coordinator, fans are eager to understand his defensive philosophy and how it will impact the team’s performance. Our experts analyze Flores’ coaching style, drawing on his previous experience with the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots. They discuss his approach to defense and how it aligns with the Vikings’ personnel and existing schemes.

3: The Approach with Quarterback Joshua Dobbs

With the departure of backup quarterback Sean Mannion, the Vikings have a void to fill in their quarterback room. Fans are curious about the team’s approach with Joshua Dobbs, the newly signed quarterback. Our experts provide insights into Dobbs’ skill set, his potential role within the team, and the impact he could have on the Vikings’ offense. They also discuss the team’s long-term quarterback strategy and the potential for further additions to the quarterback room.

4: Building on the Success of Last Season

The Vikings had a successful 2020 season, making it to the playoffs and showcasing the potential of their young talent. Fans are excited about the team’s progress and are eager to see how they can build on that success in the upcoming season. Our experts discuss the key factors that contributed to the team’s achievements last season and provide insights into how the Vikings can continue to improve and reach even greater heights.


The Vikings Mailbag has provided us with valuable insights into the team’s roster development, defensive philosophy, and quarterback strategy. As the offseason progresses, fans can look forward to seeing how the Vikings address their needs and build upon the success of the previous season. With the expertise of Brian Flores and the addition of Joshua Dobbs, the Vikings have the potential to make a significant impact in the upcoming season. Stay tuned as we continue to follow the Vikings’ journey and provide you with the latest updates and analysis.






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