Transforming Healthcare with Mixed Reality: The Journey of Dr. Gao Yujia

How Dr. Gao Yujia is revolutionizing healthcare through the integration of Mixed Reality technology

Dr. Gao Yujia, a liver, pancreas, and liver transplant surgeon at the National University Hospital in Singapore, has always had a passion for technology. From his early days as an early adopter of Microsoft and Windows platforms to his current role in medicine, Dr. Gao has witnessed the profound impact of technology on healthcare. In recent years, he has been at the forefront of integrating emerging technologies, such as Mixed Reality, into medical practice. This article explores his journey and the transformative potential of Mixed Reality in healthcare.

Exploring the Potential of Mixed Reality

In 2019, Dr. Gao was introduced to the Microsoft HoloLens 2 during a workshop led by Associate Professor Ngiam Kee Yuan. The device’s ability to create precise 3D visualizations and enable users to interact with holograms through simple gestures fascinated Dr. Gao. Recognizing the potential of this technology in healthcare, he began working with Microsoft and ApoQlar to trial the HoloLens 2 in various departments of the hospital.

Transforming Surgical Planning and Guidance

Mixed Reality technology has revolutionized surgical planning and guidance at the National University Hospital. With Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Class A License and Singapore Standard SS260 certification, surgeons have used the HoloLens 2 to plan and guide over 100 cases across multiple specializations. From neurosurgery to liver transplants, the technology has enhanced precision and efficiency in surgical procedures.

Accelerating Clinical Diagnoses

The integration of Mixed Reality technology has the potential to significantly speed up clinical diagnoses. For instance, doctors at the National University Hospital perform thousands of scans each year, with a large portion dedicated to regular surveillance. By using Mixed Reality, the process of diagnosing injuries or illnesses can be shortened from weeks to minutes. This not only reduces waiting times for patients but also alleviates anxiety and fear associated with medical diagnoses.

Enhancing Patient Education and Counseling

Mixed Reality devices, such as the HoloLens 2, have proven to be invaluable tools in patient education and counseling. By visualizing 3D holographic images of patients’ MRI scans, surgeons can explain complex surgical procedures in detail. Patients and their families can better understand their conditions and the surgical interventions they will undergo. The immersive experience provided by Mixed Reality technology eases anxiety and empowers patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Advocating for Technological Innovation

Dr. Gao has become a global advocate for the use of technology in healthcare, particularly Mixed Reality. He firmly believes that these technologies are not just user devices but technological platforms with enormous potential to revolutionize healthcare. Through his efforts, the adoption of Mixed Reality technology in healthcare has increased significantly. Dr. Gao collaborates with hospitals, healthcare institutes, government bodies, investors, and industry partners to explore the future of Mixed Reality in healthcare.

The Future of Healthcare Integration

Dr. Gao envisions a future where Mixed Reality and AI are seamlessly integrated into hospital operations. With advancements in 5G technology and edge computing, healthcare providers will have access to critical scalability and flexibility in processing massive volumes of data. This integration will create a unified data system for patient information, facilitating more efficient and personalized care across healthcare facilities.


Dr. Gao Yujia’s journey exemplifies the transformative potential of Mixed Reality technology in healthcare. From surgical planning to patient education, the integration of this technology has enhanced precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes. Driven by a vision of technological growth and innovation, Dr. Gao continues to advocate for the use of Mixed Reality in healthcare, shaping the future of medicine for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers alike. As we look ahead, the possibilities of Mixed Reality in healthcare are limitless, promising a future where technology amplifies the impact doctors can have on patient care.






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