The Epic ATV Adventure: Conquering the Paiute Trail in One Day

Eight riders embark on a grueling 250-mile journey through the Paiute ATV Trail System, testing their skills and endurance on a wild one-day ride.

In 2006, a group of adventurous ATV enthusiasts set out on a daring mission to conquer the Paiute ATV Trail System in just one day. Led by Lynn Blamires, the riders embarked on a 250-mile loop, navigating treacherous terrains and breathtaking landscapes. This epic adventure would push their limits and leave them with lasting memories of an unforgettable journey.

The Taz Trail: A Symbol of Adventure

The Paiute ATV Trail System, marked with the iconic Anasazi symbol known as “The Taz,” served as the foundation for this ambitious ride. Stretching 275 miles between Salina and Circleville, the Taz symbolized the spirit of adventure that drove these riders. With its red markings and dots along the trail, the Taz guided their path through the rugged wilderness.

Preparation and Commemoration

Preparation was key for this grueling ride. Lynn Blamires and his friend Eric Awerkamp chose July 6 for its extended daylight hours. The riders donned blue T-shirts featuring a large red Taz on the front, commemorating this monumental adventure. With their ATVs ready and spirits high, they set off from Marysvale, Utah, the starting point of their epic journey.

Conquering Challenging Terrain

The riders wasted no time as they made their way southbound, navigating dirt roads and mountain trails. They crossed Rocky Ford Creek on an ATV bridge, traversed desert washes, and ascended Forshea Mountain, relishing the cool air. Following the Taz trail, they passed by Manning Meadow Reservoir and stopped at Koosharem for a well-deserved lunch.

Pushing Boundaries and Overcoming Obstacles

With 150 miles still ahead of them, the riders pressed on, making good time through Burrville and Bear Valley. The Lost Creek Trail in Salina presented thrilling water crossings, adding an extra element of excitement to their adventure. As they climbed to the ridge in the Pavant Mountains, breathtaking views awaited them at 9,000 feet. A quick stop in Richfield for gas gave them a chance to refuel and recharge.

Battling Darkness and Adversity

As the sun began to set, a storm loomed overhead, and a rider suffered a flat tire. Determined to finish their journey, they fixed the tire and braved the impending storm. Riding through Burnt Hollow and Skinner Hollow in pitch-black darkness, they relied on their headlights and the lights of their fellow riders to guide them. Finally, they reached Big Rock Candy Mountain, where a well-deserved dinner awaited.

Triumph and Reflection

With only a few miles left, the riders pushed through fatigue and exhaustion, making their way back to Marysvale. Arriving at midnight, they had conquered 270 miles in a single day. Lynn Blamires, though physically drained, couldn’t help but smile at the incredible feat they had accomplished. He emphasizes the importance of taking time to appreciate the scenery and advises future riders to approach this adventure with caution and respect.


The epic ATV adventure through the Paiute ATV Trail System showcased the determination and resilience of a group of riders who dared to push their limits. From the symbolic Taz trail to the challenging terrains and unforeseen obstacles, this one-day ride tested their skills and endurance. As Lynn Blamires reflects on the journey, he reminds us to savor the beauty of nature and approach such adventures with careful preparation. The legacy of this epic ride lives on, inspiring others to embark on their own thrilling ATV expeditions.






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