Rampaging Dogs Cause Chaos at Texas Auto Dealership

Two dogs wreak havoc, causing significant damage to vehicles at a Texas dealership

In a bizarre turn of events, a Texas auto dealership has fallen victim to the destructive antics of two mischievous canines. Over the course of three nights in November, these dogs managed to tear off bumpers and fenders, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Surveillance footage obtained by ABC13 shows the dogs fearlessly walking on top of cars and working together to dismantle vehicle parts with their teeth. The dealership estimates the damages to range from $100,000 to $350,000, leaving employees terrified and concerned about the impact on their business.

Unleashing Mayhem: The Dogs’ Rampage

The dogs targeted the G Motors dealership, causing chaos and wreaking havoc on multiple occasions. The first incident, caught on camera, shows the dogs possibly chasing a cat, which may have triggered their destructive behavior. Employees were astounded by the sheer force and power these animals possessed, with one even likening their actions to that of a wolf. The surveillance footage reveals the dogs confidently maneuvering on top of vehicles and systematically tearing off bumpers and fenders, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

The Costly Consequences: Damages and Fear

The aftermath of the dogs’ rampage has left the dealership reeling from significant financial losses. With five cars ravaged, the estimated cost of repairs ranges from $100,000 to $350,000. Sales manager Gaby Fakhoury expressed his disbelief at the dogs’ ability to cause such extensive damage, noting that it has left employees terrified. The fear of further attacks has created an atmosphere of unease, with customers now hesitant to leave their vehicles unattended. Fakhoury worries that this may deter potential customers and have lasting consequences for the business.

Seeking Justice: Legal Challenges and Police Response

The dealership promptly filed a report with the Houston Police Department, hoping for assistance in resolving the matter. However, they were informed that since the dogs had not attacked a human, it was considered a civil matter. Police advised the dealership to hire a private investigator to track down the owner of the dogs, if they have one, as they could potentially sue for damages. This frustrating response from law enforcement has left the dealership feeling vulnerable and concerned for the safety of their employees and customers.

The Hunt for the Culprits: Identifying the Dogs’ Entry Point

As employees grapple with the aftermath of the dogs’ destructive acts, they are determined to find a solution to prevent further incidents. They believe the dogs are gaining access to the fenced-in dealership through a small gap. Efforts are being made to secure the premises and close off any potential entry points to ensure the safety of the dealership and its vehicles. However, with the dealership scheduled to move to a new location next month, they hope to leave the destructive dogs behind and start afresh.


The unexpected chaos caused by these rampaging dogs at a Texas auto dealership has left employees and management grappling with the aftermath. With significant damages to vehicles and a sense of fear permeating the workplace, the dealership faces an uphill battle in recovering from this unexpected blow. The lack of police intervention has forced them to explore alternative avenues to seek justice and prevent future incidents. As they prepare to relocate, they hope to leave the destructive dogs behind and start anew. This bizarre tale serves as a reminder that sometimes the most unexpected events can disrupt even the most mundane of settings.






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