Oregon State University Receives $20 Million Gift to Establish Gaulke Center for Marine Innovation and Technology

Alumni Judy and Mike Gaulke’s generous donation will fund a new center at Oregon State University that will drive interdisciplinary research and development in oceanography and artificial intelligence.

Oregon State University has received a transformative $20 million gift from alumni Judy and Mike Gaulke. The donation will establish the Gaulke Center for Marine Innovation and Technology, a hub for cutting-edge research and development in oceanography and artificial intelligence. The center aims to advance our understanding of the ocean and its environment, while also addressing pressing global challenges. This landmark gift will enable interdisciplinary collaboration and technological innovation, positioning Oregon State University as a leader in marine research.

The Gaulke Center for Marine Innovation and Technology:

The Gaulke Center will focus on interdisciplinary research, leveraging the university’s expertise in oceanography and engineering. By fostering collaboration between these two fields, the center aims to develop innovative technologies that can better protect and utilize the ocean and its resources. The center will be led by the Michael and Judith Gaulke Chair in Ocean Innovation, who will hold a joint faculty appointment in the OSU colleges of Engineering and Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.

The Gaulkes’ gift not only establishes the center but also provides start-up funding, support for faculty and graduate students, and funding for early-stage research. The center will also benefit from the resources of the Jen-Hsun and Lori Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex, which houses a powerful supercomputer and promotes team-based approaches to solving global challenges.

Interdisciplinary Research and Technological Advancements:

Oregon State University researchers have already embarked on groundbreaking projects that combine oceanography and artificial intelligence. One such project involves the development of an unmanned robotic system capable of exploring under ice shelves using AI. Another project focuses on robotic boats that aid in measuring glacier ice melt. These advancements highlight the potential for technology to revolutionize our understanding of the ocean and its complex ecosystems.

The Gaulkes’ Lifelong Love for the Ocean:

Judy and Mike Gaulke’s deep love for the ocean inspired their generous donation. Having had the opportunity to sail, dive, and swim in oceans around the world, they have witnessed firsthand the dramatic changes occurring within our marine environments. From the disappearance of sharks to coral bleaching, they recognize the urgent need to address these challenges. The Gaulkes believe that Oregon State University is the ideal institution to invest in finding solutions to these pressing issues.

The Impact of the Gaulkes’ Gift:

The Gaulkes’ gift is a testament to their profound commitment to caring for the world’s oceans and their unwavering support for Oregon State University. Their donation will not only establish the Gaulke Center for Marine Innovation and Technology but will also inspire others to contribute to this important cause. The center’s work will have far-reaching implications for the sustainable management of our oceans and the development of innovative solutions to global challenges.


Thanks to the Gaulkes’ generous gift, Oregon State University is poised to become a global leader in marine research and innovation. The Gaulke Center for Marine Innovation and Technology will drive interdisciplinary collaboration between oceanography and artificial intelligence, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the ocean and its environment. With its focus on technological advancements and sustainable solutions, the center will play a crucial role in addressing the pressing challenges facing our oceans. The Gaulkes’ philanthropy serves as an inspiration for others to join in the effort to protect and utilize our most precious marine resources.






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