Marvel Teases X-Men’s ‘Days of Future Past’ Era in the MCU

Marvel Comics hints at the integration of the X-Men’s ‘Days of Future Past’ era into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), with recent developments suggesting a potential crossover.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, Marvel Studios has dropped subtle hints that the X-Men’s ‘Days of Future Past’ era may find its way into the MCU. The appearance of Beast, along with the existence of an alternate universe, in the end-credits scene of The Marvels has sparked speculation among fans. Now, Marvel Comics has placed an order for a new printing of the iconic comic storyline, indicating a possible anticipation of increased demand and paving the way for what’s to come.

Under the Radar Moves:

Marvel Comics’ decision to reprint the ‘Days of Future Past’ comic storyline suggests a strategic move to align with the potential integration of this era into the MCU. While some may argue that this move coincides with the fictional year of 2023, when the dystopian future depicted in the storyline takes place, it raises questions as to why Marvel didn’t make this move earlier in the year.

Marvel Comics Expands on ‘Days of Future Past’:

In recent years, Marvel Comics has shown a renewed interest in exploring the ‘Days of Future Past’ era. This focus has resulted in the release of more stories set in the alternate universe within the past three years than in the previous four decades since the original storyline was published.

Notable Developments:

Marvel Comics has made significant moves to expand on the ‘Days of Future Past’ narrative. They recently enlisted former Arrowverse lead Marc Guggenheim to write a prequel titled ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past – Doomsday,’ delving into the events leading up to the 1981 storyline. Additionally, Marvel Comics brought in Chris Claremont, co-creator of ‘Days of Future Past,’ to write a prequel within the long-running Uncanny X-Men series, aptly titled ‘#140.5.’

Marvel’s Mysterious Intentions:

With these recent developments in both the comic book realm and the MCU, fans are left wondering about Marvel’s intentions. Is this a deliberate move to introduce the ‘Days of Future Past’ era into the MCU? If so, what impact will it have on the existing storylines and characters?


As Marvel Studios continues to expand its cinematic universe, the potential integration of the X-Men’s ‘Days of Future Past’ era offers exciting possibilities for fans. With Marvel Comics actively exploring this alternate universe through new storylines and reprints, it seems that the studio is laying the groundwork for a crossover event that could reshape the future of the MCU. As we eagerly await further announcements, one thing is certain – the X-Men’s ‘Days of Future Past’ era is poised to make a powerful impact on the ever-evolving Marvel universe.






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