Finding Humor in the Waiting: Veterans and Comedy

Veterans use comedy to navigate the challenges of military life and connect with diverse audiences

Ask any veteran, and they will tell you that waiting is an integral part of military life. Waiting to leave, waiting to come back, waiting in line or on watch – it’s a constant presence. But amidst the waiting, humor becomes a lifeline. The ability to find laughter in the mundane or the mistakes helps to ease the rough edges of deployment. And for veterans, comedy is not just a form of entertainment, but a unique brand that plays to a diverse audience, finds interesting angles on routine, and is always irreverent in some way.

The Power of Laughter in the Military

Humor has long been a coping mechanism for those in the military. It turns hours into minutes and helps forge bonds among service members. Anecdotes and jokes shared during deployments become cherished memories. They provide a sense of camaraderie and belonging, reminding everyone that they are not alone in their experiences. Whether it’s poking fun at mishaps or finding humor in the mundane, laughter plays a vital role in the military community.

The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP)

The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) is an organization that harnesses the power of the arts, particularly comedy, to help veterans express themselves and connect with others. Through comedy shows and workshops, ASAP provides a platform for veteran comedians to share their stories and experiences. These shows tackle a wide range of topics, including war, race, patriotism, and more. By using humor, veterans are able to explore these complex issues and find common ground with diverse audiences.

The Importance of Diversity in the Military

The military is a melting pot of individuals from different backgrounds, brought together by a shared desire to serve their country. This diversity is a strength that fosters understanding and empathy. Veterans from various walks of life, from different regions and cultures, come together and learn from one another. The bonds formed during their service transcend barriers and create lifelong friendships. Comedy shows like those organized by ASAP exemplify the beauty of this cultural diversity, as audiences from all walks of life come together to laugh and connect.

Comedy as a Tool for Dialogue

After each comedy show, the audience and comedians engage in open discussions to unpack the jokes and explore their impact. These conversations delve into sensitive topics, such as race, privilege, and patriotism. By creating a safe space for dialogue, the comedians encourage a deeper understanding of differing perspectives. The ability to discuss the hard stuff together is essential for fostering meaningful conversations and bridging divides in a nation that often struggles with dialogue.

Knowing Your Audience

One of the key lessons learned from these comedy shows is the importance of knowing your audience. Comedians, like military men and women sharing stories during moments of waiting, understand that humor is most effective when tailored to the specific audience. By being vulnerable and making themselves the butt of the joke, veterans use comedy to offer both praise and critique for their country. They navigate the complexities of societal issues with humor, paving the way for honest conversations and connections.


Humor has always been a vital tool for veterans to navigate the challenges of military life. Through comedy, they find solace, forge connections, and explore complex issues with diverse audiences. Organizations like the Armed Services Arts Partnership provide a platform for veteran comedians to share their stories, fostering understanding and empathy. By embracing humor and engaging in dialogue, veterans continue to serve their country by promoting unity and bridging divides. In a world that often feels divided, the power of laughter and connection is more important than ever.






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