Fife Food and Drink Week: Celebrating the Kingdom’s Culinary Delights

A nine-day event showcasing the best of Fife’s local produce and culinary talent

In March 2024, the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland will host its inaugural Food and Drink Week, a celebration of the region’s thriving food and beverage industry. The event aims to highlight and honor the hard work of local producers and businesses, while also enticing visitors and locals to explore the diverse culinary offerings of the Kingdom. With a range of events and activities planned, Fife Food and Drink Week promises to be a feast for the senses, showcasing the region’s finest produce and culinary talent.

A Showcase of Local Producers and Businesses

Fife Food and Drink Week, scheduled to take place from March 9-17, is a collaborative effort between Fife Council and Scotland Food & Drink. The event aims to shine a spotlight on the stories behind locally grown and sourced produce, allowing businesses, visitors, and locals to appreciate the authenticity, regionality, and provenance of the Kingdom’s food and drink.

A Gastronomic Journey Through Fife

Throughout the nine-day event, restaurants, cafes, bars, and unique venues across Fife will participate in Fife Food and Drink Week, offering exclusive events such as tastings, dinners, and workshops. These experiences will give attendees the opportunity to savor the flavors of Fife while learning about the passion and dedication that goes into producing the region’s culinary delights.

Supporting Local Producers

Fiona Richmond, head of Regional Food at Scotland Food & Drink, emphasizes the importance of supporting local producers and businesses during Fife Food and Drink Week. Fife is renowned for being one of Scotland’s foremost food-producing regions, and this event provides an excellent platform to showcase the best of what the Kingdom has to offer. By participating in the week-long celebration, the people of Fife can demonstrate their support for their local producers and help boost the region’s economy.

Boosting Tourism and the Local Economy

Cllr Altany Craik, spokesperson for finance, economy, and strategic planning, highlights the potential of Fife Food and Drink Week to attract new customers and create a buzz around the region’s food and drink scene. The event presents an opportunity for businesses to showcase their offerings and reach a wider audience, ultimately contributing to the growth of the local economy. By encouraging visitors and locals to explore Fife’s culinary delights, the event aims to promote tourism and foster a sense of community pride.


Fife Food and Drink Week promises to be a delectable journey through the Kingdom’s culinary landscape, showcasing the passion, creativity, and quality of its producers and businesses. From exclusive tastings to immersive workshops, the event offers a unique opportunity to delve into the stories behind Fife’s local produce. By supporting this initiative, the people of Fife can celebrate their region’s gastronomic heritage while contributing to the growth of the local economy. As the inaugural event approaches, anticipation is building, and soon, Fife Food and Drink Week will take center stage as a testament to the Kingdom’s vibrant food and drink scene.






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