Exploring the “Art and Science of Indecision”: Wittenberg’s Why Witt? Podcast Welcomes Brandon Slade

Brandon Slade, founder and CEO of Untapped Learning, will be the featured guest on Wittenberg University’s podcast, Why Witt?, as he discusses the challenges of decision-making and how to tap into one’s full potential.

In a world filled with countless choices and increasing complexity, making decisions can often feel overwhelming. To help individuals navigate the intricacies of choice, Wittenberg University has launched a new podcast-based experience called Why Witt?. This month, the program will delve into the “Art and Science of Indecision,” featuring Brandon Slade, a 2006 graduate of Wittenberg and the founder and CEO of Untapped Learning. Slade’s expertise in executive function coaching and his personal journey with ADHD make him the perfect guest to explore the challenges of decision-making and offer strategies for success.

Untapped Learning, based in Boulder, Colorado, is an organization dedicated to helping students unlock their full potential by addressing executive function challenges. Slade and his team use research-backed methods to assist students of all abilities in overcoming learning obstacles such as ADHD, dyslexia, and anxiety. With a background as a special education teacher, foster care worker, and school psychologist, Slade understands the importance of mentoring and empowering learners to build confidence and independence.

The Power of Tailor-Made Coaching

Slade’s experience as a special education teacher and his own journey with ADHD have shaped his approach to education. Recognizing that traditional teaching methods may not work for every student, Slade founded Untapped Learning in 2017. The organization provides tailor-made coaching to middle school through college students, focusing on skills such as organization and self-advocacy. By understanding each student’s unique strengths and challenges, Untapped Learning helps students develop strategies for success both in and out of the classroom.

Recognitions and Impact

Slade’s insights and innovative coaching methods have gained recognition on various platforms, including Forbes and Grown and Flown. In 2021, he was named to the Forbes Next 1000 list, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field of executive function coaching. Slade’s success has also made him a sought-after presenter for teachers, counselors, and members of the medical community. His impact extends beyond the classroom, as he strives to empower young learners to reach their full potential.

Personal Experience and Understanding the ADHD Brain

Having been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, Slade has a personal understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with executive function difficulties. It was during his college years that he fully recognized the differences in how his brain worked compared to his neurotypical peers. This realization fueled his desire to better understand the ADHD brain and find effective strategies to address its unique needs. Drawing on his experience as a special education teacher, Slade integrates exercise and movement into his coaching methods, recognizing the positive impact they have on focus and attention.

Returning to Wittenberg

Slade’s upcoming appearance on the Why Witt? podcast holds special significance for him. As a Wittenberg graduate, he credits the university for helping him find his passion for learning and helping others. Slade expresses his gratitude for the staff who supported him during his time at Wittenberg and considers it an honor to return for the podcast. His insights and expertise will undoubtedly resonate with students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.


The “Art and Science of Indecision” will take center stage on Wittenberg University’s Why Witt? podcast as Brandon Slade, founder and CEO of Untapped Learning, shares his expertise in executive function coaching. Slade’s personal journey with ADHD and his commitment to empowering students highlight the importance of understanding individual needs in education. Through his innovative coaching methods, Slade helps students tap into their full potential and navigate the challenges of decision-making. As the Why Witt? podcast continues to bring together Wittenberg alumni from diverse backgrounds, it offers a platform for mentorship and inspiration, bridging the gap between past and present students.






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