Darkness Heels Project Unveils New Anime at Tsuburaya Convention 2023

The Ultraman franchise expands its universe with a dark twist in the upcoming Darkness Heels anime.

In a thrilling announcement at the Tsuburaya Convention 2023, fans of the beloved Ultraman franchise were treated to news of an exciting new project. The Darkness Heels project, which has already captivated audiences through events, stage productions, and manga, is now set to make its mark in the world of anime. With a focus on the darker side of the Ultraman universe, this project promises to offer a unique and intriguing perspective on the iconic heroes and villains that fans have come to love.

1: Exploring the Dark Heroes

The Darkness Heels project aims to shed light on the dark heroes of the Ultraman franchise. Characters such as Ultraman Belial, Dark Zagi, Evil Tiga, Camearra, and Jugglus Juggler will take center stage in this new anime. By delving into their complex motivations and exploring their morally ambiguous actions, the project offers a fresh and captivating take on these familiar faces. Fans can expect a deeper understanding of these characters’ struggles and a closer look at the gray areas that exist within the Ultraman universe.

2: A Multifaceted Project

The Darkness Heels project has already made waves across various mediums. From live events and stage productions to manga adaptations, it has successfully expanded the Ultraman franchise’s reach. This new anime adaptation further solidifies the project’s commitment to exploring different storytelling formats. By leveraging the unique strengths of animation, the Darkness Heels anime has the potential to bring these dark heroes to life in a visually stunning and immersive way.

3: A Collaborative Effort

During the announcement at the Tsuburaya Convention 2023, musical performer Sekai of the FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE group took the stage. Sekai, who had previously produced original music and dancing for the collaboration between the Darkness Heels project and the “character dance player” app Chara-Dan, expressed his desire to voice-act in the anime. Tsuburaya Production Chairperson Takayuki Tsukagoshi enthusiastically responded, affirming that Sekai’s involvement would be welcomed. This collaboration between music, dance, and anime highlights the project’s commitment to creating a multifaceted and engaging experience for fans.

4: A Dark Twist on a Beloved Franchise

The Ultraman franchise has long been cherished by fans for its uplifting and heroic stories. However, the Darkness Heels project offers a refreshing departure from the traditional narrative. By exploring the complexities of its characters and delving into darker themes, the project breathes new life into the franchise. This departure from the norm not only provides a fresh perspective for longtime fans but also opens the door for new audiences to discover the rich and multifaceted world of Ultraman.


With the announcement of the Darkness Heels anime at the Tsuburaya Convention 2023, the Ultraman franchise takes a bold step into uncharted territory. By focusing on the dark heroes of the series, this project promises to offer a unique and captivating viewing experience. The collaboration between music, dance, and anime further enhances the project’s appeal, providing fans with a multifaceted and immersive journey into the Ultraman universe. As the Darkness Heels project continues to evolve and expand, it is clear that the franchise’s enduring legacy will be enriched by this exciting new addition.






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