Antisemitism in the Medical Profession: A Growing Crisis That Threatens Patient Care

Doctors, nurses, and medical students are promoting hate, raising concerns about the quality of care for Jewish patients and the erosion of medical ethics.

Antisemitism has long been a pervasive issue in society, but a new report highlights its alarming presence in the medical profession. Doctors, nurses, and medical students, who are entrusted with the responsibility to heal, are instead promoting hate and prejudice. This not only poses a threat to Jewish patients but also undermines the fundamental principles of equal and excellent medical care. The report documents numerous instances of antisemitic outbursts in the medical field, revealing a deeply ingrained bias against Jews within medical institutions. This disturbing trend raises serious concerns about the well-being and safety of Jewish patients and calls for immediate action.

Antisemitic Incidents in the Medical Profession

The report highlights several incidents of antisemitism within the medical profession. These include doctors and medical students tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis and justifying the murder of Jews. Shockingly, even a professor of medicine at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania was involved in such behavior. While some medical professionals have faced consequences for their actions, many others have not, raising concerns about the unchecked spread of Jew-hatred in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Institutional Bias Against Jews

The report further reveals the deeply ingrained bias against Jews within medical institutions. A comparison between the responses of medical schools and professional organizations to two different atrocities – Hamas’s attack on Israel and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – highlights this bias. While mass slaughter, rape, and kidnapping occurred in both cases, medical institutions were far more likely to condemn Russia’s actions than the Jew-killing terrorists. Only a small percentage of medical associations and schools issued statements about the antisemitic incidents, and those that did had a markedly different tone compared to their statements on Russia and Ukraine.

The Role of Identity Politics

The report argues that the near-universal adoption of racial identity politics within healthcare has exacerbated antisemitism. Medical organizations, including the American Medical Association, have embraced the concept of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” which often classifies groups as oppressors or oppressed. This worldview places Jews in the oppressor category based on false beliefs that they are uniformly “white” and successful in the medical field. Under this framework, Jews are stripped of sympathy and their fellow Jews’ suffering is disregarded. This toxic ideology has infiltrated medical providers and is taught in medical schools, perpetuating the hateful bias against Jews.

The Threat to Patient Care

The rise of antisemitism in the medical profession poses a significant threat to patient care. Jewish patients have legitimate concerns about receiving equal and unbiased treatment in an environment where hate is prevalent. Moreover, the adoption of identity politics in healthcare undermines the principles of fairness and impartiality, categorizing individuals based on group identities rather than their individual needs. This worldview has the potential to harm patients of all beliefs and backgrounds, as it promotes preferential treatment for some and punishment for others.


The growing crisis of antisemitism in the medical profession demands urgent attention and action. Medical institutions must address and eliminate the deeply ingrained bias against Jews to ensure the safety and well-being of all patients. If these institutions fail to take decisive action, policymakers must step in to rectify the situation. The antisemitism problem in medicine is not an isolated incident but part of a larger issue that threatens the integrity of patient care. It is crucial to confront this hateful bias head-on to protect the principles of equality, fairness, and compassion that should underpin the medical profession.






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