The Call to Chastity: Embracing Love and Respect in Relationships

Exploring the teachings of Jesus and the importance of chastity in fostering healthy relationships.

In a world where relationships are often marred by selfishness, objectification, and abuse, the call to embrace chastity and cultivate love and respect has never been more crucial. Drawing inspiration from the teachings of Jesus, renowned author and theologian Mansour delves into the significance of chastity in relationships, shedding light on its transformative power and the profound impact it can have on individuals and society as a whole.

Challenging Cultural Norms: Jesus’ Radical Stance on Divorce

Mansour emphasizes that Jesus’ teachings challenged the prevalent cultural norms surrounding divorce. He highlights how Jesus rebuked religious leaders who justified divorce by referring to Moses’ allowance for it. Jesus emphasized that God’s intention from the beginning was for the union of marriage to be unbreakable. This revolutionary command shattered the previous rights to male domination in marriage, affirming the equal importance and dignity of both men and women.

The Virtue of Chastity: Fidelity, Love, and Mutual Reverence

Chastity, according to Mansour, encompasses more than just refraining from sexual promiscuity or abuse. It is a virtue that calls individuals to express their sexual intimacy within the boundaries of fidelity, love, and mutual reverence. Mansour stresses that pornography, masturbation, and sexual promiscuity are always sinful, as is any form of sexual harassment or abuse. He encourages individuals to seek professional help if needed and work towards a culture that values holiness, chastity, and respect, particularly for the sake of women, girls, and boys.

Natural Family Planning: A Chaste and Natural Approach

Mansour discusses the practice of natural family planning as a chaste and natural method for couples to either conceive or avoid pregnancy. He emphasizes that if a couple recognizes the need to space children for serious reasons, they should not resort to contraception but instead work together to achieve a healthy spacing of children in accordance with God’s design. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of the marital bond and allows couples to embrace the gift of procreation in a responsible and respectful manner.

Children and the Marital Covenant

Mansour highlights the importance of children entering the world within the context of the marriage covenant. He emphasizes that children have the right to be born out of the love, commitment, and complementarity of their parents. The stability and permanence of the marital relationship provide a nurturing environment for children to thrive, surrounded by the love and care of both mother and father.

The Chastity of the Single and Celibate

Mansour extends the call to live chaste lives beyond married couples, emphasizing that single and celibate individuals also have a role to play. Citing Pope John Paul II, he explores the concept of the “nuptial meaning of the body” and how those who forgo marriage for the sake of the kingdom can experience a spiritual union with God. This gift allows individuals to deepen their communion with God and embrace a love for others that is intense and life-giving.


In a world often characterized by broken relationships and distorted views of sexuality, the call to embrace chastity is a powerful antidote. Mansour’s exploration of Jesus’ teachings and the virtues of chastity reveals its transformative potential in fostering love, respect, and healthy relationships. By embodying the principles of chastity, individuals can contribute to a culture that values the inherent dignity and equality of all, ultimately creating a more harmonious and fulfilling society.






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