Peloton Sets New Guinness World Records Despite Server Outage

Peloton successfully breaks two Guinness world records for largest live cycling and running classes, overcoming server issues during the event.

Peloton, the popular fitness company known for its interactive workout classes, has achieved a remarkable feat by setting two new Guinness world records. Despite facing a 20-minute server crash during one of the classes, Peloton managed to break records for the largest live cycling and running classes. The event, which took place during the annual Turkey Burn classes on Thanksgiving, showcased the company’s commitment to delivering engaging and immersive fitness experiences to its users.

Largest Live Running Class Record Broken

During the Turkey Burn Run hosted by Alex Toussaint, Peloton set the record for the largest live running class. The 30-minute run, held on November 23, 2023, at 9:00 am ET, attracted over 13,562 participants. Alex Toussaint confirmed at the end of the class that Peloton had officially set the Guinness world record for the largest running class. The seamless execution of the event without any reported issues highlighted Peloton’s ability to create a captivating fitness experience for its users.

Server Outage Challenges Peloton

Unfortunately, Peloton faced a major setback during the cycling class as the servers crashed, causing widespread system outages. The disruption lasted for approximately 20 minutes, impacting the participation of users. However, Peloton swiftly resolved the issue, allowing enough people to join the class in the second half and ultimately setting the record for the largest live cycling class. Robin Arzon, the instructor for the Turkey Burn Ride, confirmed the achievement at the end of the class.

Discrepancy in Cycling Class Numbers

While the running class record was accurately reflected in the Peloton app leaderboard, there was a discrepancy in the reported numbers for the cycling class. The leaderboard showed over 33,579 participants, while Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy mentioned around 37,000 attendees in his apology letter. However, a video released by Peloton stated that the official record for the largest cycling class was set with 27,550 participants. The source of this discrepancy remains unclear, especially considering the close alignment between the running class numbers and the leaderboard.

Peloton’s History of World Records

This is not the first time Peloton has achieved Guinness world records for its classes. In 2017, the company set the record for the largest online static cycling lesson, with over 10,000 participants. However, the criteria for counting participants differed at that time, requiring a minimum participation of 30 minutes. In contrast, this year’s records focus on the peak number of viewers during the live stream, regardless of the duration of their participation. It is worth noting that the Guinness world records are separate from Peloton’s own records, which were set in 2020 and 2022.

Other Turkey Burn Classes

In addition to the record-breaking classes, Peloton also hosted two other live Turkey Burn classes on Thanksgiving. Matt Wilpers led a 20-minute Turkey Burn Row, attracting over 1,343 participants, setting a record for the largest rowing class in Peloton’s history. Denis Morton taught a 20-minute Turkey Burn Yoga flow, with over 3,650 members participating live.


Despite facing technical challenges, Peloton’s determination and commitment to delivering exceptional fitness experiences prevailed as the company set two new Guinness world records for the largest live cycling and running classes. The event showcased Peloton’s ability to engage and motivate users, further solidifying its position as a leader in the fitness industry. As Peloton continues to innovate and expand its offerings, it is likely that we will witness more groundbreaking achievements in the future.






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