Jennifer Coolidge’s Beauty Rules: Breaking Boundaries and Embracing Individuality

The White Lotus actress shares her unconventional beauty rules and tips for date nights, gift-giving, holiday hangovers, hosting parties, New Year’s resolutions, makeup application, and achieving glowing skin.

Jennifer Coolidge, known for her iconic roles in films like Legally Blonde and American Pie, is not one to follow the crowd when it comes to beauty. In a recent collaboration with e.l.f. Cosmetics, Coolidge created her own lip kit, aptly named Dirty Pillows, which quickly sold out. But beyond her lip kit success, Coolidge has a unique perspective on beauty and life, as I discovered during a ten-minute phone call with the Golden Globes winner. In this article, we delve into Coolidge’s beauty rules, covering topics such as date nights, gift-giving, holiday hangovers, hosting parties, New Year’s resolutions, makeup application, and achieving glowing skin.

No. 1 Rule for Date Night: Leave a Big Tip

When it comes to date night, Coolidge’s number one rule is simple yet impactful: her date must leave a big tip. This rule reflects her appreciation for generosity and kindness, which she believes are essential qualities in a partner.

No. 1 Rule for Gift Giving: Give Them What They Want

Coolidge is not a fan of re-gifting or taking risks with gift choices. Instead, she believes in giving people what they want, ensuring that the gift will be cherished and not discarded. She emphasizes the importance of knowing the recipient’s preferences and desires, suggesting that cash or makeup products are safe and appreciated options.

No. 1 Rule for Recovering from Holiday Party Hangovers: Eat Before You Go

While Coolidge advises against excessive drinking, she acknowledges that indulging during holiday parties is hard to resist. Her number one rule for avoiding a hangover is to eat before attending the event. By filling up on nutritious food beforehand, she believes it’s easier to resist the temptation of overindulging in a variety of treats. Coolidge also humorously notes the importance of keeping an eye on your plate, as it can mysteriously empty while engaged in conversation.

No. 1 Rule for Hosting Holiday Parties: Prepare and Make It Look Elegant

Drawing from her experience hosting a Halloween party, Coolidge emphasizes the importance of preparation and attention to detail. While she admits to often being the last one to get ready, she believes that putting effort into creating a beautiful and elegant atmosphere is key to a successful gathering. Coolidge suggests serving vegan food if possible and opting for healthier alcoholic options. She believes that the visual presentation of the table and decorations can have a greater impact on guests than the food itself.

No. 1 Rule for New Year’s Resolutions: Give to Others

As Coolidge reflects on her age and the state of the world, she finds more joy in giving to others rather than indulging herself. She encourages surprising someone with a desired gift or showering presents on beloved pets. By shifting the focus away from material possessions, Coolidge finds greater fulfillment in making others happy.

No. 1 Rule for Makeup: Break All the Rules

Coolidge’s refreshing take on makeup is that there shouldn’t be any rules. She believes in mixing and matching products, applying them in any order that feels right. According to her, the key to makeup is embracing individuality and wearing what makes you feel confident and obsessed with your own reflection.

No. 1 Rule for Finding Your Signature Nude Lip: Love It More Than Anyone Else

For Coolidge, finding the perfect nude lip color is all about personal preference. She advises choosing a shade that you’re obsessed with, one that makes you feel your best. By loving the color more than anyone else, others will naturally be drawn to it as well.

No. 1 Rule for Glowing Skin: Break the Rules, Embrace Glow

Coolidge discovered her secret to glowing skin by applying e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Grip Primer after her makeup. Despite conventional wisdom, she found that this unconventional approach resulted in more compliments and a radiant complexion. Her rule for glowing skin is simple: trust your own judgment and do what works best for you.

Conclusion: Jennifer Coolidge’s beauty rules are a testament to her individuality and refusal to conform to societal norms. From her emphasis on generosity and thoughtful gift-giving to her unconventional approach to makeup and skincare, Coolidge encourages us to embrace our uniqueness and prioritize what truly brings us joy. By breaking the rules and following our own instincts, we can find confidence and radiance in our own skin.






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