Finding Humor in the Wait: The Power of Comedy in the Military

Military veterans use comedy to navigate the challenges of service and connect with diverse audiences

In the military, waiting is an inevitable part of the experience. Whether it’s waiting to deploy, waiting in line, or waiting for something unknown, humor often becomes the saving grace for soldiers. The ability to find laughter in the mundane and the mistakes helps to ease the hardships of military life. Comedy in the military is a unique brand, capable of entertaining a diverse audience and shedding light on the ordinary routines. It is irreverent, yet it brings people together through shared experiences and laughter. This Veterans Day, it is essential to appreciate the humanity of those who serve and recognize the role that humor plays in their lives.

The Power of Comedy in the Military

Comedy has long been a coping mechanism for military personnel, turning hours of waiting into moments of joy. Stories and laughter serve as a reminder that soldiers are not alone in their experiences. Whether it’s sharing funny anecdotes or making light of challenging situations, humor helps to forge connections and create a sense of belonging among service members.

Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP)

The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) is an organization that harnesses the power of the arts, including comedy, to support veterans and military families. Through comedy shows and workshops, ASAP provides a platform for military veterans to share their stories and connect with audiences on a deeper level. These shows tackle a wide range of topics, including war, race, patriotism, and personal struggles. By addressing these issues through comedy, veterans are able to find healing and encourage dialogue among diverse groups of people.

Breaking Barriers and Fostering Diversity

The military brings together individuals from various backgrounds, creating a unique environment where diversity thrives. Veterans, who have served alongside people from different walks of life, bring this cultural diversity to the stage. Comedy shows organized by ASAP often feature veterans from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to share their perspectives and experiences with audiences that may not typically be exposed to military life. The result is a beautiful display of unity, where Vietnam veterans can find humor alongside Gen Z women.

Using Comedy to Address Difficult Topics

Comedy has the power to tackle challenging subjects that may otherwise be difficult to discuss. Veterans on stage use vulnerability and self-deprecating humor to address topics such as race, privilege, and police brutality. By making themselves the butt of the joke, they model how to offer both praise and critique for the country. These performances create a safe space for conversations about important issues, where the audience can engage in dialogue and gain new perspectives.

Know Your Audience

After each comedy show, there is an opportunity for comedians and the audience to have a conversation and unpack the jokes that may have elicited mixed reactions. This dialogue allows for a deeper understanding of different perspectives and experiences. One crucial lesson that emerges from these discussions is the importance of knowing your audience. Just as comedians tailor their jokes to the crowd, military personnel understand the significance of understanding their audience to effectively communicate and connect with them.


Humor has long been a vital tool for military personnel to navigate the challenges of service. Through comedy, veterans find solace, connection, and healing. The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) provides a platform for veterans to share their stories and address important topics through the power of laughter. By using comedy to bridge divides and foster dialogue, veterans are not only entertaining audiences but also encouraging a deeper understanding of military life. As we commemorate Veterans Day, let us appreciate the humanity of those who serve and recognize the power of comedy in their lives.






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