Environmental Photographer of the Year Showcases Humanity’s Response to Climate Change

Winning entries highlight efforts to reduce our impact on the climate and adapt to a changing world

The devastating effects of climate change have become increasingly evident in recent years, prompting individuals and communities around the world to take action. The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition celebrates the power of visual storytelling by showcasing breathtaking images that capture both the alarming reality of climate change and humanity’s efforts to repair our relationship with nature. This year’s winning entries offer a glimpse into the challenges we face and the innovative solutions being implemented to reduce our impact on the climate and adapt to a changing world.

Survival Of Buffaloes In Drought – Md Shafiul Islam

Photographer Shafiul Islam’s striking image depicts a group of buffaloes crossing parched grassland in Bangladesh during their search for food. The photograph serves as a stark reminder of the devastating droughts that have plagued northern and western Bangladesh, depleting food and water supplies for both humans and wildlife. It highlights the urgent need for sustainable water management and agricultural practices to mitigate the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.

Black Soldier Fly Farming – Maurizio Di Pietro

Maurizio Di Pietro’s atmospheric shot of a swarm of soldier flies, about to become insect flour, captures the innovative research being conducted at the University of Turin, Italy. The study explores alternative and sustainable sources of protein, addressing the growing concerns surrounding traditional livestock farming’s environmental impact. Insect farming offers a promising solution, as these creatures are highly efficient at converting organic waste into valuable nutrients while requiring minimal resources.

Corals At Night – Nicolas Marin

Photographer Nicolas Marin’s captivating image of glowing, jade-colored coral off the coast of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea reveals the mesmerizing beauty and fragility of marine life. Taken during a night dive under ultraviolet light, the photograph emphasizes the importance of protecting our oceans and the delicate ecosystems they harbor. The luminescence of the coral serves as a reminder of the health of the ocean and the urgent need for conservation efforts to preserve these vital habitats.

The Eviction Of Lützerath – Gil Bartz

Gil Bartz’s photograph captures the poignant moment of two climate activists standing at the edge of an open pit mine in Lützerath, Germany. The mine, which opened in the 1980s primarily for lignite extraction, has resulted in the displacement of over 30,000 people. This image highlights the human cost of fossil fuel dependency and the urgent need for a transition to renewable energy sources. It serves as a powerful reminder of the social and environmental consequences of our reliance on coal and other non-renewable resources.

Trabalho Dourado – Denis Ferreira Netto

Denis Ferreira Netto’s photograph taken on the coast of Matinhos, Brazil, showcases efforts to restore the seafront. Large diggers are seen replenishing the beach with sand, providing better defense against the ocean’s erosive forces. This image represents the importance of coastal management strategies in the face of rising sea levels and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. It highlights the need for sustainable coastal development practices to protect vulnerable communities and ecosystems.

Reef Restoration – Giacomo D’Orlando

Giacomo D’Orlando’s photograph captures a pair of divers installing concrete blocks at a coral restoration site in Bali, Indonesia. These artificial structures serve as nurseries for new coral growth, aiming to reverse the damage caused by unsustainable fishing practices and coral bleaching. The image showcases the power of human intervention in restoring and preserving marine ecosystems, emphasizing the importance of sustainable fishing practices and the protection of coral reefs worldwide.


The winning entries of the Environmental Photographer of the Year competition provide a powerful visual narrative of the challenges posed by climate change and the remarkable efforts being made to combat its effects. From the devastating impact of droughts on communities and wildlife to innovative solutions in alternative protein sources and coral reef restoration, these photographs serve as a call to action. They remind us of the urgent need for collective responsibility and sustainable practices to protect our planet and secure a better future for generations to come.






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