Dave Stewart’s Time Experience Project: A Modern Rock Opera

Former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart collaborates with Italian band Mokadelic on a groundbreaking rock opera, blurring the lines between electronic and rock music.

Dave Stewart, known for his work as one half of the iconic duo Eurythmics, has embarked on a new musical endeavor. Teaming up with Italian band Mokadelic, Stewart has created a modern rock opera titled “Who to Love.” This ambitious project combines Stewart’s love for film and music, resulting in a unique blend of electronic and rock elements. With the support of Italian actress Greta Scarano providing the lyrics, the Time Experience Project aims to captivate audiences with their innovative sound and storytelling.

1: A Love Story Transformed

After the breakup of Eurythmics, Dave Stewart ventured into film composition, collaborating with renowned artists such as Mick Jagger and Daryl Hall. His love for the medium led him to discover Mokadelic, an Italian band known for their work on the score of the hit series “Gomorrah.” Inspired by their music, Stewart embarked on a creative journey that would ultimately result in the creation of “Who to Love.”

2: The Birth of a Modern Pink Floyd

Stewart describes Mokadelic as the modern Pink Floyd, blending electronic and rock elements to create a unique sound. The first song on the album, “Time is a Masterpiece,” served as a catalyst for the project. Stewart recalls the song’s video concept coming to him effortlessly, reminiscent of the creative process behind Eurythmics’ hit song “Sweet Dreams.” The idea of losing track of oneself and time became the central theme of the album.

3: Collaborating with Greta Scarano

To bring the album to life, Stewart enlisted the talents of Italian actress Greta Scarano. Impressed by her musical abilities and acting prowess, Stewart invited Scarano to contribute vocals to the project. Scarano’s understanding of rhythm and her ability to adapt to new challenges made her the perfect fit for the Time Experience Project. Stewart praises Scarano’s talent and considers her a valuable addition to the collaboration.

4: Beyond Rock Opera

While the Time Experience Project has been labeled a rock opera, Stewart believes that the term “rock” has become too restrictive. With electronic elements and Stewart’s guitar playing, the project defies easy categorization. Stewart acknowledges the influence of bands like Depeche Mode, who seamlessly blend rock and electronic sounds. The Time Experience Project represents a fusion of genres that pushes boundaries and challenges traditional labels.

5: From Music to Film

Stewart’s vision for “Who to Love” extended beyond the music itself. Inspired by the first song, “Time is a Masterpiece,” he envisioned a short film that would complement the album. Drawing on surrealism and the visual storytelling of Eurythmics’ music videos, Stewart created a captivating narrative centered around a protagonist named Adalyn. The film adds another layer to the project, enhancing the overall experience for the audience.


Dave Stewart’s Time Experience Project, in collaboration with Mokadelic and Greta Scarano, is a testament to the power of artistic collaboration and creative exploration. Blurring the lines between rock and electronic music, the project defies easy categorization. With its captivating sound and thought-provoking visuals, “Who to Love” invites audiences on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Stewart’s ability to seamlessly blend his love for film and music demonstrates his enduring talent and innovation in the industry. As the Time Experience Project continues to evolve, it promises to leave a lasting impact on the world of music and storytelling.






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