Baseball Finds a Home in Bogotá: A Venezuelan Influence

Venezuelan Immigrants Bring Baseball to Bogotá’s Youth

In a country where soccer reigns supreme, baseball has struggled to find a foothold in Colombia. With limited resources and a lack of interest, the sport has remained on the fringes of Colombian culture. However, in the heart of Bogotá, a surprising phenomenon is taking place. Venezuelan immigrants, who have brought their love for baseball with them, are igniting a passion for the sport among the city’s youth. At the Hermes Barros Cabas baseball stadium, the sound of bats connecting with balls and the cheers of parents fill the air, painting a picture of a vibrant baseball community in an unexpected place.

A Venezuelan Influence Takes Hold

The presence of baseball in Bogotá owes much to the influx of Venezuelan immigrants. In Venezuela, baseball is not just a sport; it is a way of life. With a rich baseball history and a long list of professional players, the sport is deeply ingrained in Venezuelan culture. As political and economic turmoil has driven many Venezuelans to seek refuge in neighboring countries, they have brought their love for baseball with them. Bogotá has become a new home for these Venezuelan baseball enthusiasts, and they are passing on their passion to the next generation.

Building a Baseball Community

The Bogotá baseball league, based at the Hermes Barros Cabas stadium, is a testament to the growing influence of Venezuelan immigrants in the city. With over 500 players, the league has become a hub for baseball enthusiasts, both young and old. The majority of the players are Venezuelan, but there are also Colombians who have embraced the sport. The league provides a platform for children and adults alike to learn and play baseball, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Overcoming Challenges

While the baseball community in Bogotá is thriving, it has not been without its challenges. Limited resources and a lack of public baseball fields have posed obstacles for the league. Currently, the city only has two public baseball fields, making it difficult to accommodate the growing number of players. However, the passion and determination of the Venezuelan immigrants and their Colombian counterparts have allowed them to overcome these hurdles. Through fundraising efforts and partnerships with local organizations, they have managed to secure additional resources and support for the league.

A Cultural Exchange

The presence of Venezuelan immigrants in the Bogotá baseball league has not only brought the sport to Colombian youth but has also fostered a cultural exchange. Venezuelan and Colombian players come together, sharing their love for the game and their experiences. The Venezuelan players, in particular, have become ambassadors for their country, showcasing the beauty and richness of Venezuelan culture through the sport they hold dear.


Baseball may not be popular in Colombia, but thanks to the Venezuelan immigrants who have made Bogotá their home, the sport is finding a place in the hearts of its youth. The Hermes Barros Cabas stadium has become a symbol of the growing baseball community in the city, where Venezuelan and Colombian players come together to learn, play, and forge lasting connections. As the sport continues to gain traction, it serves as a reminder of the power of sport to bridge cultural divides and bring people together.






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